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  • LED Logo Surrounds


    LED Logo Surrounds

    The LED logo surround enhances the brand and increases lateral visibility.

    Soft illumination dims and flashes amber when you activate your turn signals.

    This fits under all Honda emblems placed on plastic fairings (not suitable for steel tanks for example)

    The installation requires a connection that we will indicate to you according to the models.

    Sold in pairs.


    GL1800 2001-2022


  • SB insulated water bottle


    SB insulated water bottle

    This isothermal flask will follow you on all your outings, hot or cold, it's up to you to drink!

    It measures 10.4 pouces in height for a diameter of 2.83 pouces. The cap is screwed on.

    Its capacity is 510 ml.

    This bottle is made of raw stainless steel for an authentic look.

    Our logo is affixed in pad printing for better durability and more elegance.

    Fits very well with all cup holders.

  • Star Bike Keychain


    Star Bike Keychain

    Made in crimped imitation leather, it is a process of compressing several layers of leathers, compressed to each other. Which gives the look of leather (and the smell too!) It will be very soft on your bike and your pockets. Equipped with a solid ring, it is safe and robust. The red stitching gives it an elegance worthy of the most beautiful motorcycles but also of their pilots.

    It will get tanned over the miles traveled and over time.

    The essential home accessory!

  • Rear-view mirror with LED


    Rear-view mirror with LED

    Available in chrome (like the original) or bluish.

    Increases your overall visibility and strengthens your security, the must : it's elegant!

    Easier to set up than the old version, the mirrors are now complete.


    GL1800 UP TO 2018